2 Day Motivational “Check-Up” and “Treatment”

Experience a complete “physical” and diagnosis of the motivational health of your work environment. During this 2 day check-up, Dr Motivation’s complete analysis will include:

  1. Dave’s special “X-ray” process that will diagnose and reveal the true motivational nerves within each of your team members.
  2. A complete diagnosis of:
    • Current compensation plans and incentive programs
    • Employee “events” and associate recognition efforts
    • Initial Training / orientation and ongoing employee development strategies
    • Employee morale and satisfaction levels through structured focus groups and targeted surveys
  3. A summary consultation to include findings and recommendations for:
    • Immediate “medication”
    • Potential necessary “surgery”
    • Ongoing “treatment”

…all to improve and maintain the motivational health of your staff.


Dave will deliver his dynamic presentation “Make It Happen” for your staff…90 minutes of high powered energy, inspiration and challenge to all on how to “make” every day a great day by being the best you can be in every area of your personal and professional life. The final results of your 2 day check-up will include increased levels of employee morale, satisfaction, performance and retention along with higher company profits.

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