2 Day Call Center Motivational Treatment

During these dynamic 2 days, Dave’s Best Seller “Motivating Without Money” will come to life as you roll up your sleeves with Dr. Motivation for a personal workshop on “non-monetary” motivation. As Dave presents his proven “remedies” for maximum motivation in his special “hands on” way…you’ll work together on HOW TO “inject” each chapter of the book into your environment for immediate impact and ongoing success.

You’ll Work On…

  • TRAINING…Be sure your initial training and ongoing programs are actually employee development including the most effective way to ‘role play’ for maximum success.
  • TIME OFF…How and when to use it as your #1 motivational tool.
  • ONE ON ONE COACHING…Why, when, and how to use this important exercise for ultimate motivation.
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT…How to minimize stress in the workplace and how to make it fun to work through together.
  • CASUAL DRESS DAYS…Using holidays, themes and special occasions for maximum impact.
  • JOB TITLES…What’s in a title? …Plenty as you’ll find out!
  • ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES…How to turn ‘extra work’ into employee stimulation.
  • POSITIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT…All the little things that add up and why they’re so important.
  • TEAM SPIRIT…Why less ‘I’ and ‘Me’ and more ‘We’ in your environment will equal greater success…and how to do it.
  • CAREER PATH…Mistakes here are sending your people to the classified ads.

PLUS!  Dave’s 2 Highly Requested Workshops

1. “Motivation by Stimulation”…the Power of Employee Recognition; You’ll discover:

  • Why employee recognition is so important to your staff
  • Effective written & verbal recognition techniques
  • How and why to get executives involved in recognition
  • Maximum motivation from “Theme Awards”
  • Applause…how-when-where?

2. “Motivating with Contests”; You’ll learn:

  • The value of competition.
  • The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Contests
  • How to set contest goals…who should and shouldn’t win?
  • Why and How to keep contests simple
  • How to avoid post contest “let-down”

**Dave will also share his “secret” process for uncovering what truly motivates each of your team members and how to maximize those findings.**


Dave will deliver his dynamic presentation “Make It Happen” for your staff…90 minutes of high powered energy, inspiration and challenge to all on how to “make” every day a great day by being the best you can be in every area of your personal and professional life.

When Dave leaves, you’ll have:

  • A 15 step ‘game plan’ for maximum motivation on minimum budget
  • Dave’s “secret weapon” for determining what motivates all of your people…and how to use it
  • Proven techniques for using “time off” as your #1 motivational tool…and making it a win-win-win situation for your company, you and your employees.
  • Ways to gain maximum motivation from employee recognition programs including Dave’s unique plan using creative “Theme Awards”…and where to get them
  • A “Blueprint” for turning regular training into employee development and ongoing stimulation
  • Dave’s ‘top 10’ tips and “3 Musts” for developing and implementing successful Call Center contests.
  • And many more tips, ideas and solutions to tap into the motivational levels that money can’t buy!!

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