Call Center Expertise

“The enormous cost of associate turnover plus the reality of increasing productivity demands on shrinking budgets make employee motivation critical to the bottom line of your organization. My inspirational presentations and “hands on” motivational workshops are designed and delivered to make sure you experience a high return on your investment” Dave Worman

Hear what others are saying about Dave Worman’s Call Center Expertise…

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 “Dave is a premier Call Center consultant. His deep knowledge of the industry and skills in call center management are impressive. His speaking ability and motivating personality are a great resource in this field as well as public speaking. Both as a consultant and working for a vendor he was a great resource for our company”  Matthew Carpenter—GM Operations Sarma Inc.

“While working at Saks Incorporated, I have had the distinct pleasure of not only working with Dave, but also to experience his motivational work. Dave was someone that made me personally work harder to achieve a better customer service level of presentation for my particular constituents. He was professional, informed, and an excellent presenter. Dave is person that exudes positivism and strives to always be prepared to handle the day before him. Dave was an excellent partner and a great team leader.”  Matt Roller—Vice President, Facilities & Business Continuity at Saks Fifth Avenue

“Dave is a consumate professional, knows the business and is the one of the strongest motivators of people I know. His contests have become legendary in our business and I still re-read his books all the time”  Jim Loveless– Vice President of Global Solutions at TeleDevelopment Services, Inc.

“Dave has been one of the leaders in doing business by phone for as long as I can remember. He’s not only published but his insight, tools, and techniques are spot on. There are very few speakers and leaders as dynamic as this champion of our channel. I consider David to be one of the very top professionals in our space. Some may know about as much, some may have about as much experience, and some may provide almost the same value but he is the total package”  Jim Beuoy–Director, Inside Sales and Customer Service at The Hygenic Corporation

“Dave Worman is a world class contact center leader and motivational speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of engaging Dave as a consultant and motivational speaker; a man who has clear understanding of the importance of effective reward and recognition in a contact center sales environment”  Ron Teisler– Area Director – Operations at BenefitMall

“Dave is absolutely amazing…I’ve known him for many years from a business and personal perspective. Dave is the guy you want leading your team. He’s a skilled motivator…a Mentor to those around him…Someone who excels at everything he does…He is an asset to any team”  Robert Jackson– President at JCGNA, LLC

“Dave reported to me at USA Today just after the launch of the paper and was a tremendous resource to the company. He was always detail oriented, creative, enthusiastic, and a great leader. His staff was highly motivated and focused on being the best center USA Today had. 

He is now a noted author, speaker and consultant. Many small and large companies have benefitted greatly from his vast knowledge and REAL world experience and guidance as he brings with him a wealth of experience in this industry”  Ken Van Vranken– Director North America Operations at Arvato Inc.