Motivating With Sales Contests

Motivating Your Telephone Sales and Service Professionals with Contests That Produce Record-Breaking Results

“If you want to run a successful call center, there are lots of things that are nice to have, but there are 3 things you MUST HAVE…phones, people, and Dave Worman’s books.”  – Dale Nabors; V.P. Telemarketing, The Dwyer Group

Motivating With Sales Contests

“Motivating With Sales Contests” will make you a better leader by teaching you how to create an environment of success for all your people. In this book, you’ll learn:

    • Why contests drive results you previously thought unreachable.
    • Why and How to keep contests simple
    • How long contests should and shouldn’t last
    • How to set calling goals; who should and shouldn’t win
    • What to avoid during contests that could actually demotivate your people
    • What to use and what not to use for prizes
    • How you can avoid post contest let down

In addition to providing you with the tools and techniques you need to conduct effective sales contests, “Motivating With Sales Contests” actually gives you 79 sales contests you can begin using immediately to increase profits. These 79 contests have been tested repeatedly, and have been proven to get results in all telephone sales environments.

“I love this step by step instruction that any manager can put to work without any guesswork. Once you get this book in your hands, you won’t have to worry about coming up with new ideas…they’re all right there for you. Get this book and prosper.”  – George Walther; Author of “Phone Power” and “Power Training”

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