Motivating Without Money

Cashless Ways to Stimulate Maximum Results, Raise Morale, and Lower Turnover with Your Telephone Sales and Service Personnel

“If you want to run a successful call center, there are lots of things that are nice to have, but there are 3 things you MUST HAVE…phones, people, and Dave Worman’s books.”  – Dale Nabors, V.P. Telemarketing, The Dwyer Group

Motivating Without Money2

The belief that handing over cash is the best or only motivator of salespeople will cost you valuable time, revenue, income, personal and corporate goals, employees, and, if you’re not careful, your own job. In this book, veteran motivator and telesales manager, Dave Worman, shows you his 17 proven steps to maximum motivation that have nothing to do with raises, bonus checks, or handing out $20 bills. You’ll learn:

  • Why you should replace your bonus dollars with a cashless program and how to set it up
  • Why time off motivates your employees more than anything else and how to structure programs to utilize it
  • How to develop and run theme contests and what to include that will guarantee motivational success.
  • Why employee recognition is so important to your people and some innovative, fun ideas and programs to applaud your employees
  • What Dave’s secret motivational weapon is and how to effectively use it.
  • How dealing with stress in your workplace can actually be stimulating to your people
  • Where you can get some of Dave’s unique motivational materials and resources for awards
  • Many more ideas, tips, programs, and solutions to tap into the motivational levels money can’t buy, and much more!

“Dave’s ideas on how to motivate employees without money are so creative, easy to implement, and effective. Every company with telephone personnel needs this book”  – Jerry Green, Regional Manager-Ricoh Corporation

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