“The enormous cost of associate turnover plus the reality of increasing productivity demands on shrinking budgets make employee motivation critical to the bottom line of your organization. My inspirational presentations and “hands on” motivational workshops are designed and delivered to make sure you experience a high return on your investment” Dave Worman

Hear what others are saying about Dave Worman…

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“Dave has the unique ability to instill a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm into our staff which continues to dramatically increase the success of our business. Thanks to Dave, our client base has expanded, our performance is higher and our turnover of employees is lower. I wish he lived on site!”  – Jim McGeorge; President, Ameridial Inc.

“Dave’s ideas on how to motivate employees are so creative, easy to implement and most important…very effective. Having Dave work with our people was the best investment we could have made.”  – Jerry Green; Regional Manager, Ricoh Corporation

“Dave’s 2 days with us were a tremendous help in the structure of our customer service and telemarketing departments. His enthusiasm is inspirational and his ideas work!”  – Laura Hurson; Manager of Customer Services, Steri-Oss Inc.

“Dave’s day spent with us was a “smashing” success! In our telemarketing blitzes since his visit, the sales in many of our regions have doubled and in one region…tripled! Thanks to Dave, we fully understand the power of the telephone.”  – Robert Kelly; Sr. Vice President, Barnett Bank

“Dave’s consulting services have been invaluable to our management team in improving our recruiting/hiring practices and providing insights into attitude and motivational training. With his training, we continue to see bottom line results with the growth of our customer base. Can’t wait to have him back!”  – Bob Steuben; Director of Marketing, Indian Wells Water Co.

“After implementing Dave Worman’s ideas, you will no longer be able to complain about finding and keeping motivated team members…and if you want to run a successful call center these are 3 things you must have; phones, people and Dave’s books.”  – Dale Nabors V.P. Telemarketing; The Dwyer Group

“Dave kills the notion that the fastest way to improve performance is with money. With his proven approach the payoff is dramatic with increased sales, higher employee retention and fun on the job!”  – Ted Buck; Vice President, ORR Safety Corporation

“Thanks to Dave’s help, we made it through the challenging task of developing a diversified incentive plan for our Account Executives. It was tough but with his help…we did it. The new plan is in place, and everyone is working happily toward their goals.”  – Joan Landis; Corporate Director of Sales, Miller Freeman Inc.